Empowering you to become resilient, enterprising, and sustainable talent in the fashion industry.


We exist so you can receive expert & honest advice about what it’s really like to work in the fashion industry and how you can use your unique skills and talents to launch your fashion career and be your best self, not just creatively but emotionally, physically and mentally too.


We know how competitive the fashion industry can be and how difficult it can be to get hired and build your fashion career. So many of you have told us how you have struggled when leaving education to transition successfully into employment, not knowing enough about what your next steps are, how to find or apply for your first job or even to work out which is the ideal fashion career for you.

If this is you – then don’t worry….

You are not alone and We are here to help.

Our live events, online fashion courses, mentorship packages and articles full of great content are all designed to help you launch your fashion career or start your own fashion business.


We can’t compete with big fashion education websites (like Vogue, Business Of Fashion, Graduate Fashion Week or top Fashion schools) We don’t have the budget, or the team – not yet. But what we can do is offer you the real insight. What really happens behind the scenes – the bit that most people don’t get to see – until they are actually working in industry. The important ‘stuff’ that you need to know and will be crucial to your success and longevity in fashion – something you rarely get taught at fashion school.


Our driving force is to ensure you are equipped and empowered with the right knowledge, skills and mindset needed to work in such a high profile, highly demanding industry and prepared for the rapidly shifting world of work and accelerating pace of fashion business and innovation.



We want you to navigate a successful career in fashion and stay safe & sane in the process. Why?

Our Founder, Marie Oakes, was flying high in her career as a fashion designer for top fashion brands including Alexander McQueen and  Mulberry until she hit burn out. She was 32.  Without the right mindset and resilience to cope with the pressures of such a highly demanding, high profile industry, she had to leave a career and job she loved to recover from stress and burnout. Our sole mission is to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Marie says,


I started The Trend Academy because I wanted to be able to share my experience and knowledge with the next generation of creatives. Fashion is an amazing industry to be part of, but it can equally be tough, persistent, and highly-demanding – something I really struggled with.

I found it difficult to cope. I had all the design skills needed to be a fashion designer when I graduated, but what I didn’t have was the Mental Toughness to survive.

I didn’t realise I could stand up for myself, I could say no, that I had a voice, even in a junior position within a company. I want to educate and empower talent in the fashion industry so they can learn how to stay safe, how to set boundaries and how to look after themselves so they can thrive and flourish.”


Marie Oakes

Marie is a fashion designer who has worked for leading fashion brands including Alexander McQueen, Mulberry, M&S and Topshop. Founder of The Trend Academy, she has just co-written a new BA Hons Fashion Degree for a UK University and gets invited to speak at industry events across the country about fashion, self care and resilience. She helps students become ‘industry-ready’ and more recently is working with fashion leaders to help them cope with stress and burn-out and is developing programmes for businesses to help their teams look after their mental health and wellbeing.

Hi, I'm Marie Oakes - founder of Trend Academy.

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